It’s no secret that things move quickly in the world of dropshipping. From one month to the next, products come and go, and what dominates the market in one season can be oversold and completely saturated in the next. This is why finding live product trends is so important to any ecommerce business trying to compete in a flooded market.

High Margin Products

The following six trends have been selected from the thousands of trends we saw in the last month. The products we’ve chosen ensure that everyone from the quick trend-driven investor, to the brand savvy e-commerce store has something to sink their teeth into.

Pet Seat Belts

What’s more loved around the world than pets? With 90 million dog owners in the USA alone, pet’s are truly one of the most protected and well looked after possessions. Pet Safety is an ever-increasing trend and with more and more work places offering dog friendly spaces, the safety of pets en-route is more essential than ever.

This product not only offers high margins, it’s also something with a huge market. With 231,316,877, yes, you read right, 231 million , posts under ‘#dog’ on Instagram, it’s safe to say the world is in love with dogs.

Anti-Insect Repair Tiles

Leading on from pet safety, pets are actually the number one culprit in scratching anti-insect screens used on windows and doors. These scratches leave large gaping holes for insects and mosquitos to fly through. We rarely see margins this high with a humble $0.34 dropshipping price, repair tiles are not only a great low cost item but an easy-to-market option for countries with a lot of mosquitos.

Multiuse Bamboo Wipes

What’s more topical right now than environmentally conscious shopping? High street stores to fashion outlets are being forced to catch up with the ever increasing environmentally conscious consumer and these bamboo make up wipes straddle both the eco-friendly and beauty market, making them one of the most trend-worthy products on this list.

Bamboo has been trending for the last few years, from toothbrushes, to contemporary furniture, it’s not just Panda’s jumping on this trend anymore.

We recommend snapping these ones up quickly as they’re a great ‘add-on’ product for e-commerce beauty sites or those operating in the eco-conscious sector. Keep an eye on this product as the margins and potential profits are huge.

Anti-Peeping Screen Protectors

74% of smartphone users drop their phone at some point causing a crack to the screen. Heading to your local phone shop and you could be paying anything between $20 and $40 for a screen protector. But screen protectors are old news, a new breed of screen protectors are around that stop people looking at your messages when they’re beside you, these screen protectors can be dropshipped for as little as $2 and with a selling price of up to $20, the margins are huge.

From the social media scroller to the savvy spender, the need for privacy and keeping phone screens safe is a universal one, meaning there will be a long term consistent need for this product.

Re-useable Water Bottles

Water is the lifeline that sustains us and whilst plastic water bottles are becoming ever more rejected, the re-useable water bottle is the new ‘must-have’ daily essential.

The rise of this trend can somewhat be attributed to the plastic ocean movement and growing awareness of the hormone altering chemicals leaching into water from single use plastic bottles at high temperatures. No more confined to being used in the gym, the re-useable water bottle has really evolved over the last few years to become something of a fashion accessory.

From your basic steel bottle to bamboo covered glass chiller units, glowing bottles, fruit infuser bottles, to bottles lined with crystals to heal your deepest troubles, the re-useable water bottle shows no signs of slowing down as one of the most long-term trending items in the e-commerce market.

With everyone trying to do their bit for the environment, the re-useable water bottle is a great addon for any store, especially if you are in the fitness, health or outdoor niches.

Minimalist Travel Pillows

With the rise of budget airlines, travel is now more of a part of our lives than ever before. But budget doesn’t always mean comfort and so new ways of making long-haul flights bare able have become the things of (sweet) dreams. 87% of people who fly have neck and back problems after, that’s what we call a big market.

Neck supports for travel offer good margins, retailing for up to $45 and dropshipping for as little as $5.00 depending on quality , travel pillows can be added to a wide range of e-commerce stores as they fall under many niches. Lifestyle brands, adventure retailers, sports outlets, homeware sites and more can utilise this trendsetting, multi-dimensional product to suit demands.

Before we end we can’t finish without showing you how viral one of the travel pillow products has actually gone, and the best part is that we detected it before it started to trend.

You’ll see from the video above that the Facebook video got just under 40 million views. This is for a product that can be easily dropshipped and it went viral because of a compelling video and enticing ad copy. Creativity pays.

Closing Thoughts

Knowing what’s popular, where the profit margins are, and how to cash in on trends as they happen is going to lead to the best long-term growth strategy for your business.

Trending Products sends live dropshipping trends to users in real time. This list was compiled from trends we sent to users in the last month. If you want to see these trends as they happen you can apply for beta access.

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by Gemma McSherry
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