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Today we are introducing young British entrepreneur Kamil Sattar. He is the founder & partner in multiple companies in various industries, ranging from luxury goods, digital marketing, dropshipping, and e-commerce. Kamil Sattar’s companies have combined annual sales of more than $3,000,000 a year. Kamil has been teaching business owners and their workforce for two years sharing his knowledge from being involved in e-commerce for 4 years and helping them grow to 6-7 figures in revenue.


Thank you very much for joining us today Kamil! So how did you get into dropshipping?

So I started my first online business back in 2015. When I quit my job, and I quit college at the same time, I was working in a retail job. And the reason why I quit my job and decided to do entrepreneurship is that I didn’t get any grades at school. I didn’t get any college grades either.

So it was either work in a minimum wage job or I could try and do something on my own to make a good amount of money. And I’ve always said to my family, look, I will make a lot of money in my life. I don’t know how I will find a way and I found a lot of people making money online in 2015.

I saw a lot of people do a lot of things. I heard it on the news I saw on the TV. I thought if that’s the case, why would anybody really do it? So I found out that I wanted to get into buying and reselling my first business was buying and reselling high-end brands like Louie Vuitton. I used to buy them and then sell them for a higher price. Because the products that I was selling had such high demand, I could charge more for them when they sold out.

So I was making a good profit margin on that. And then around about a year after that came through, I came through a lot of problems. There was a lot of new competition that was eating into my returns. There were a lot of problems with that business model that I didn’t really like. So I looked for a different business model and found dropshipping. And the thing that really appealed to me about dropshipping is the low barrier to entry.

You don’t need that much money to actually get started, especially back in 2017. When I actually got started, you only needed roughly around $500, so that piqued my interest. I did drop hipping for about six months. Whilst I did have some success, I actually lost a couple of thousand pounds. And then I found my first mentor and charged him because without him I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So I found my first mentor six months after it was around about a year and a half into my actual entrepreneur journey. And then I was watching things on YouTube, I was going to live free webinars, I was listening to audiobooks, or doing a lot of different things to get myself to actually educate myself on key concepts in entrepreneurship. And then in 2018, that’s when we were able to do our first $1 million in revenue.

First Sales

What was your background before eCommerce?

I was doing all the wrong things hanging around with the wrong people getting involved in crime, fights, getting arrested, I got kicked out of school left with no grades my teaches and the students said I would only be a failure, after getting kicked out of school I went to college and got into multiple fights because I was racial discriminated in my 2nd year I decided to quit college this is when I met my beautiful partner she believed in me when no one else did, I eventually got a job in retail I was depressed fed up I felt trapped in a system that failed me, I was a broke kid with millionaire dreams.

How did you get your first sales?

In Q4 2017, I found my first winning product which was an iPhone privacy screen protector, that I generated over $20,000 in revenue with Facebook ads. You can find out more here.

How did you learn about dropshipping?

I am constantly listening to podcasts and watching YouTube channels to learn more about the business and to feed my mind, I also have had mentors in the past. Some of my favorite people to listen to are Neil Patel and Gabriel St Germain.

Highest Revenue

What’s the most revenue you’ve generated in a day?

My highest I generated to date was $58,000 in a single day during Black Friday 2019. – You watch a video on that here.

What is your best marketing tactic?

I run paid advertising, it could be Facebook, it could be Instagram influencers. It could be Twitter influencers, Tik Tok influences, anything where it’s paid advertising testing loads of different things so the key to success in drop shipping is testing different variables. And a variable could be a niche, a variable could be a way you’re trying to advertise it to the consumer, but the more like, the more like specialty There’s something the more chance of you finding success. So that’s why I’m testing for example, fitness products. That’s why I’m testing beauty products. That’s why I’m testing kids educational products. So I’m gonna try and work out which one’s going to do the best for me at this current time.

If you were starting today, what would you do differently?

I would not get deterred. If I can’t find an answer to my problem, find one. If any issue comes up, find a way to resolve it. Although I may get disheartened at times, I will get over it. I wouldn’t let anything stand in my way. If I truly want to become a successful entrepreneur, I will find a way and get it done.

Advice for Newbies

Why did you succeed where others have failed?

I never gave up! I focused on the solutions and not the problems, I invested in my learning while others don’t, I made sacrifices others wouldn’t dare to make.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned through dropshipping?

I’ve learned many things in my entrepreneurial journey. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that there is no magic bullet. You can buy courses and you can read books, but until you go out and do it you will never truly learn. Courses and books will never be able to tell you how to get through particular pitfalls.

If you could give one piece of advice to new eCommerce entrepreneurs, what would it be?

There are certain skills that are essential for you to truly comprehend before you tell people you’re an internet marketer. You need to know the following, inside-out, backwards and forwards:

Pay per click marketing:
Nothing forces money out of a marketing budget faster than an out of control PPC marketing. When caring about your clients, you need to know a lot about PPC. You need to identify and comprehend concepts like negative keywords, quality scoring, dynamic keywords, and content networks.

Analysis/analytics is the practice of turning data into action steps and conclusions like “Wow, our ROI on this keyword is great. We need to build a landing page.”

Future Plans

What are your plans for the future?

My ultimate goal is to build many brands that are known throughout the world. I am currently sourcing many products and putting my brand labels on them. I still work on improving my processes and systems. In my mentoring business, I want my company to be known as the best resource in the world where people can go to learn dropshipping. I want people to be afforded the same opportunities that I had. I want them to learn about the beautiful life they can have if they work hard and they help enough people by giving them great products and services.


Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t let a lack of formal education deter you from your ecommerce goals.
  • You don’t need a huge amount of capital to get started.
  • Understanding PPC & Analysis is critical to ecommerce success.
  • Always find a way and never give up.
  • Hands on experience trumps book knowledge.
  • Mentors can be incredibly valuable.

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