Exploring 3 Trending Products With Our Toolbar (April 2019)Trends

Team Research
April 30, 2019 - 1 min read

At Trending Products, we detected and delivered thousands of dropshipping trends to users over the last month. In the following article we complied a list of 3 that really stood out. Here’s just a taste of some of the trends we detected as soon as they started to gain traction.

#1 Drain Cleaning Products

Drain cleaners aren’t usually something you would associate with a trend but dropshipping can surprise you! This product got 5 million views in 1 month? Zevymo’s really impressed us with their video skills. It just goes to show it’s all about the angle rather than the product.

Watch us explore this product or preview all the other data we have on Zevymo.

#2 Male Hair Straighteners

It’s time to tame that frizzy hair with these hair straighteners for men. 56,081 Italian men can’t be wrong. Malasso, you know your Italian audience!

Watch us explore this product or preview all the other data we have on Malasso.

#3 Car Fuel Saving Devices

This device helps car owners’s reduce fuel usage. 52,994 clicks in such a short period – Genie Gears aced it with this one as usual! 

Watch us explore this product or preview all the other data we have on Genie Gears.

Team Research
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