You may know Oberlo, it’s the most popular dropshipping app used by Shopify stores. They have just shy of half a million store owners using their Chrome extension for dropshipping.

Last week, Oberlo sampled the 500,000 stores with them and compiled a list of the best-selling dropshipping products throughout September.

These products are good to know, but we don’t know the most important information.

  • What stores sold these products?
  • What were the profit margins?
  • What ads drove traffic?
  • Who were the suppliers?

We looked at every trend added to users feeds in August and September and found that all 8 of these product trends had already been automatically sent to user’s feeds in real-time as we detected the trends.

Looking at this data, it means Trending Products can now answer every one of these questions for all 8 products;

  • The Mini Projector
  • 4 Matching Bags
  • Transforming Waterproof Bag
  • Men’s Winter Jacket
  • Stretchy Sofa Cover
  • Giant Spider
  • Car Seat Cover
  • Knee Support

To make things easy we’ll just include screenshots of the stores selling the products, along with all the data added by the Trending Products toolbar. Let’s get started! ✅

Mini Projector

The Mini Projector with 2.3m views

Matching Bag Set

4 Matching Bags similar set with 10k strength

Waterproof Bag

Transforming Waterproof Bag 400k views

Winter Jacket

Men’s Winter Jacket 600 product strength

Stretchy Sofa Cover

Stretchy Sofa Cover 128,000 product clicks

Giant Spider

Giant Spider 110 strength, high margins

Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover 1 million+ views

Knee Support

Knee Support 10,000 product strength

Let us know your favourite product in the comments.

To see this months trending products in real-time you can join Trending Products as a beta tester and find your own unique trends using this private invite link. 📈

Goodluck 👍

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