We help online stores find new products by showing them trends in real-time, that eventually go on to produce thousands of sales for stores consistently.

The Highest Converting Product Research Tool

Stats from one of our partner’s last month – 12% conversion rate and $897 in commissions for one month. Conversions so high are unheard of in the product research space – so, what makes us so special? well, we are private and provide real value to our users.

This partner in particular spent time explaining our value to their audience before promoting us, and it paid off in a major way.

Other Product Research Tools

We’re sure you’ve heard of these product research tools.

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product mafia
adplexity ecommerce
product list genie

We are a little different. We provide a suite of features and don’t just monitor a few sites each day – we monitor millions of stores and analyse billions of data points each day to detect product trends, coupled with a 24/7 team.

Our goal has always been to make something we were proud of and something that would get users excited when they see the potential we offer.

Users Are Already Seeing Our Value

Some of the biggest names in dropshipping have tried us out and are loving what we do.

 "I am disappointed in myself for not giving it a shot sooner! Its insane!! Good job, honestly. " - Arie Scherson
"Just started using trending products a couple of days ago I'm really liking it!"- Philip L.
"It's so good because each account sees different winning products, with EcomHunt everyone sees the same" - Max Aukshunas
"Thanks for creating such amazing software"  - Steve Leong  

The Challenge Going Forward

It’s impossible to explain all of our features all at once without overwhelming people.

So this is where we need your help..

Why We Need Shopify Experts

To communicate our value in a meaningful way, so users you bring understand how to use and benefit from the software.

Grow With Us

We want to reward those who support us in our early launch phase. In return we’ll make your inbox look a little something like this!

Please email your application to [email protected] – we only accept partners interested in building long term relationships who can appropriately communicate our value to their audiences.

All applications will get a reply if seen by a member of our team.

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