What Makes Trending Products So Special?

We help your product research team find new high-margin products relevant to your store by showing you live dropshopping trends in real-time. We show you trends in your niche early, that eventually go on to produce stats like this..

No Other Product Research Tool Shows Live Trends

At Trending Products, we monitor millions of stores and analyse billions of data points each day to detect live product trends, coupled with a team working 24/7, checking and matching new products with their suppliers.

We are really proud of what we have created for the dropshipping industry and are excited to share it with you. Most users with us will first discover products on their trending feed and then further explore the store with our toolbar.

Before/After Enabling Our Toolbar

The short video below shows you how our toolbar unlocks all the hidden trending data on any dropshipping store, showing you how viral a product is, their ads, suppliers and margins.

Top Dropshippers Can’t Believe It

Some of the biggest names in dropshipping have tried us out and are loving what we do.

 "I am disappointed in myself for not giving it a shot sooner! Its insane!! Good job, honestly. " - Arie Scherson
"Just started using trending products a couple of days ago I'm really liking it!"- Philip L.
"It's so good because each account sees different winning products, with EcomHunt everyone sees the same" - Max Aukshunas
"Thanks for creating such amazing software"  - Steve Leong  

Our Features At A Glance

It’s impossible to explain all of our features all at once, this video provides a quick overview.

Trending Feeds
See unique trends in real-time, backed by clicks, views, likes and ad data.

Find the supplier of any dropshipping product on a competitor’s store.

Instantly contact every supplier for a product and get the best price.

Store Shuffle
Our toolbar will take you to random trending stores.

Strength Metrics
Product strength based on clicks, views, likes and live ad data.

Live Store Reports
Find live trends, ads, margins and the suppliers for any store.

Product Sidebar
See ads and profit data at a glance.

Product Ads
See every ad for a product.

Product Suppliers
See the suppliers of any dropshipping product at a glance.

Product Search
Browse and search every trending product by category.

Watch Trending Products In Action

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Preview The Trends We Sent To Users Last Week

Our tool ‘drops‘ shows you what trends we sent to users last week if you are curious.