Watch Max Aukshunas Find A Trending Product Just Before Peak Trend

Max Aukshunas, an entrepreneur who has made millions with dropshipping, used Trending Products for the first time last week to find a product in the beauty niche. Since he posted the video, the product’s traffic has doubled, showing just how early we catch products starting to trend… to reveal the product watch Max’s video on how he finds winners with TrendingContinue reading “Watch Max Aukshunas Find A Trending Product Just Before Peak Trend”

Making Your First Facebook Ads For Shopify

Facebook Ads has a unique power that no salesperson could ever match: they have the power to proactively introduce your business and products to customers, instead of needing the customer to come and search you out.

How Fidget Spinners Went Viral

The high margin, royalty free gadget selling by the millions – TrendingProducts investigates how the viral trend started and how it’s making hundreds of small eCommerce store owners 6 figure profits.